Covenant Abilities 2: Putting them into buckets

6 min readSep 2, 2020

Crucible of Flame

Abomination Limb (DK Necrolord):
Press button, do dam. Has the grip component which has potential to be useful, but utility is not a category.

Death’s Due (DK Night Fae):
You could potentially argue this has a minigame, but realistically you don’t do anything special beyond placing it on the ground.

Elysian Decree (DH Kyrian):
Similar to Death’s Due, realistically just something you place on the ground to do damage. It does have some synergy with Demonic Appetite, which could put it into the Memory of Lucid Dreams category, but that’s only with one specific talent.

The Hunt (DH Night Fae):
Similar to Abomination Limb in that there is some utility beyond the “do dam” aspect.

Sinful Brand (DH Venthyr):
Could potentially argue that this might even go into the Actually good category because it changes Metamorphosis, but realistically it doesn’t change the use case of Metamorphosis.

Kindred Spirits (Druid Kyrian):
Another one that has utility applications that might move it into the Actually good category because it makes you actually think about how you use the ability depending on the situation. However, I despise buffs that outsource your DPS to other people or even increase other people’s DPS through your button press and think this kind of design has no place in the game.

Adaptive Swarm (Druid Necrolord):
Press button, do dam. Nothing to see here other than Chi Wave with a longer tooltip.

Resonating Arrow (Hunter Kyrian):
Cool utility of ignoring LoS and some interaction for Beast Mastery via more Barbed Shot resets, but for the most part it plays out as a ground targeted AoE.

Wild Spirits (Hunter Night Fae):
Essentially the same as Resonating Arrow except without the LoS utility and Beast Mastery interaction.

Mirrors of Torment (Mage Venthyr):
Press button, do dam. Except now you don’t even get the dam if the target doesn’t cast spells, significantly limiting its use.

Deathborne (Mage Necrolord):
Adds another CD that just duplicates your filler (which is also your nuke for Arcane). It does add a cleave component, which starts to actually tie it into the spec, however it only seems to cleave the damage and not the various effects triggered by the spells.

Fallen Order (Monk Venthyr):
Press button, do dam, except this time you rely on WoW’s NPC AI.

Mindgames (Priest Venthyr):
The way this deals damage is extremely weird, but what I can say for certain is that it injects resources.

Unholy Nova (Priest Necrolord):
Press button, do AoE dam.

Slaughter (Rogue Venthyr):
What a joke.

Vesper Totem (Shaman Kyrian):
Could argue for putting this in the Breath of the Dying category, but realistically you just press the button and then the next 3 damaging abilities you press do a bit of AoE damage.

Chain Harvest (Shaman Venthyr):
Again, you could argue for Breath of the Dying, but the cooldown reduction minigame is hardly an actual minigame, you just happen to get it if there’s AoE going on.

Fae Transfusion (Shaman Night Fae):
Channeled dam.

Soul Rot (Warlock Night Fae):
Could potentially go into Actually good for Affliction, but for the other 2 specs it’s pretty lame.

Impending Catastrophe (Warlock Venthyr):
Yup. Has some RNG utility, otherwise just dam.

Memory of Lucid Dreams

Swarming Mist (DK Venthyr):
Pretty straight forward resource injection.

Convoke the Spirits (Druid Night Fae):
I know a lot of druids are excited for this, but I don’t see the appeal. It just fills up your resource and puts up your DoTs, along with some healing/Ironfur that you probably don’t care that much about.

Death Chakram (Hunter Necrolord):
Not much to see here, press button for some damage and resources.

Weapons of Order (Monk Kyrian):
Reducing Chi costs effectively acts as an injection of Chi. For Brewmaster and Mistweaver this would go straight into the Crucible of Flame category.

Bonedust Brew (Monk Necrolord):
Similarly to Weapons of Order, this injects resources for Windwalker, except now only on AoE. For Mistweaver this goes solidly into the Crucible of Flame category, but for Brewmaster an argument could be made for putting it into the Actually good category.

Ashen Hallow (Paladin Venthyr):
Allows the use of Hammer of Wrath, which acts as a resource injection. Could make an argument for putting this into the Actually good category because it does at least use a spec ability to trigger the injection.

Divine Toll (Paladin Kyrian):
Injects resources by using spec abilities. Has some ties to talents, especially for Holy with Glimmer, so could argue for putting it into Actually good.

Vanquisher’s Hammer (Paladin Necrolord):
Hard choice between Crucible of Flame and Memory of Lucid Dreams, but it does end up saving you Holy Power, thus effectively injecting 2.

Spear of Bastion (Warrior Kyrian):
Not much to say, generates some rage.

Ancient Aftershock (Warrior Night Fae):
Barely even different to Spear of Bastion.

Vision of Perfection

Shifting Power (Mage Night Fae):
The only reason this category even exists so I don’t need to put this into Crucible of Flame when it obviously does do a bit more than just damage.

Breath of the Dying

Shackle the Unworthy (DK Kyrian):
Very minor minigame in that playing around the debuff being active reduces its CD. Could argue for any out of Crucible of Flame, Breath of the Dying or maybe even Actually good.

Fodder to the Flame (DH Necrolord):
Minigame in the form of the 1v1 against a demon, the result of the minigame is pretty lame however.

Ravenous Frenzy (Druid Venthyr):
Building up stacks by constantly having to press buttons adds a minigame that alters how you play for Feral at least, for Balance it’s just a fairly uninteresting ramping CD.

Faeline Stomp (Monk Night Fae):
This minigame is in the form of having to stay in the area your previous Stomps marked on the floor in order to get resets.

Blessing of Seasons (Paladin Night Fae):
The minigame here is in the form of deciding who to put which buff on. As mentioned for Kindred Spirits, I hate this kind of ability, so even though it’s in a decent category I think it should be removed.

Boon of the Ascended (Priest Kyrian):
A better version of Deathborne, because it actually has its own minigame in the form of the building of stacks for the final explosion, as well as changing how you play during it.

Fae Guardians (Priest Night Fae):
See Blessing of Seasons. No seriously, this is essentially the same trash.

Serrated Bone Spike (Rogue Necrolord):
Fits basically perfectly with the namesake of the category, with a bit of Ashvane’s Razor Coral thrown in there for good measure.

Decimating Bolt (Warlock Necrolord):
Could make an argument that this goes into Actually good, but outside of the sniping minigame of what you cast the Decimating Bolt itself on, it doesn’t really change much.

Conqueror’s Banner (Warrior Necrolord):
Should probably be in Crucible of Flame, but the rage spending minigame might be enough to put it here. Goes into the same category of “shouldn’t even exist” as Fae Guardians and Blessing of Seasons.

Actually good

Flayed Shot (Hunter Venthyr):
Specifically for Marksmanship with Dead Eye, this has interaction with the kit. For the other 2 specs it’d go straight into the Crucible of Flame category, but I’m going to be generous.

Radiant Spark (Mage Kyrian):
Being somewhat generous as it depends on tuning whether it’s worth doing, this would add gameplay in choosing which big spell to ramp up into. In practice travel times and multi-hit abilities hurt this gameplay significantly, which affects all 3 specs. The duration is also quite limited when it comes to ramping up into the actual big hitters like Glacial Spike or Pyroclasm Pyroblast.

Echoing Reprimand (Rogue Kyrian):
This is a bit of a weird place to put it, because for rogue it’s a horrible to play with. In theory this adds a minigame to how you deal with your resource expenditure, however it doesn’t work with the increments rogues generate combo points in. This would work fantastically for Windwalker or possibly Retribution.

Sepsis (Rogue Night Fae):
Giving you a Vanish is something Assassination cares about quite a bit, helps Subtlety and doesn’t do that much for Outlaw. Otherwise this goes into the Breath of the Dying minigame because of the minigame around either going for the Vanish or the partial CD reset.

Primordial Wave (Shaman Necrolord):
Assuming the clashes with the baseline kit this has for Enhancement get fixed, it allows for both ramping more Flame Shocks which interact with multiple spec mechanics, or making use of an existing Flame Shock ramp to do more damage.

Scouring Tithe (Warlock Kyrian):
A combination of Memory of Lucid Dreams and Breath of the Dying probably deserves a spot in this category. Interacts with some spec mechanics, particularly for Affliction.

Condemn (Warrior Venthyr):
I’d like to put this into Crucible of Flame, but the reverse execute probably justifies a spot here.