M+ ruins gear

Problem: Static loot table

The most obvious problem that everybody should be able to appreciate is that the huge, static loot table makes gearing really uninteresting over the entire expansion. Take Legion for example, where every tier melees would farm a new Memento of Angerboda because it was just a strong trinket. Playing with that same item every tier sucks. It’s especially noticeable with trinkets, but it’s also a problem in other slots, because due to the sheer size of the loot table, it means you can get items with your perfect stats in every gear every season.

Solution: Rotating loot table and the return of old dungeons

Luckily this is easily fixed by just rotating the loot table with each season. Say there’s 12 dungeons in an expansion, 9 on launch and 1 added with each new season. In season 1, you’d only have loot from 3 of the dungeons on the loot table, spread out across all the dungeons. Season 2 would have 3 different dungeons, season 3 another 3 and season 4 would have the last 3. This could be changed to have some overlap between seasons if the loot table ends up being too small.

Problem: Item level

The next issue is one that both M+ players and raiders complain about, but from different angles. M+ players want their high keys to be rewarded appropriately, and raiders don’t want to have to farm M+ for upgrades/BiS.

Solution: Staggered reward levels

In order to address these problems, I think we should go back to something we’ve had in the past: staggered ilevels within the same tier and difficulty. Basically, as you go deeper into the raid, bosses would drop higher ilevel loot. This makes sense as a self contained system, as the later bosses are typically harder, and rewarding you with equally good loot for killing Champions of the Light and Jaina is a bit odd.



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